After repeatedly changing personnels, music and name since 2007, Nosstress, a folk trio’s born in 2008. Man Angga (Guitar / Vocals), Kupit (Guitar / Vocals) and Cok Bagus (Cajon / Harmonica / Pianika). From performing cover versions acoustically, Angga, Kupit and Cok began creating original works til in mid-October 2011 Nosstress officially released their first album: “Perspektif Bodoh”. The album was launched at Serambi Art Antida (now Antida Sound Garden), Denpasar.

Playing with strains of blues and folk in pop, Nosstress simplify criticism, optimism, and concern for the environment in the light stories without force-feeding the audience, indeed putting them to the narratives of daily life for all of us, sung with joy.

Three years since the first album, Nosstress has traveled to Europe for nearly a month for “From Bali to Europe” tour in June-July 2014. Nosstress presents their second album this year, “Perspectives Bodoh II “, launched in late August 2014 at Taman Baca Kesiman, Denpasar.

“Sometimes we can actually find the problem through simple look. ‘Perspektif Bodoh’ looks with simplicity, in accordance with his music, simple.” – Angga Nosstress

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Angga and Kupit using our CST.700 and FDG.700 at their live session with the song “Ini Judulnya Belakangan”

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