Lazy Hiking Club

For this event, we teamed up with Lazy Hiking Club. Share our times with awesome people at the park; find some spot, get some people to show their tunes in the beautiful landscape scenery.

Held at Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, Bandung. With our friends : Jon Kastella, Okky Ade Chandra, Leanna Rachel, another ‘surprise’ from Ananda Badudu, Bintang, and Yuda

Tembang Vol.01 at Co-Op Unpar

Share one of the best times with friends from Sorge Records, sharing an awesome event with introspective tunes from Jon Kastella, Nil Saujana, Oscar Lolang, Teman Sebangku & Leanna Rachel Thanks to Rudolf Dethu and Sorge Records Also a special, surprise performance by Ananda Badudu from (ex) Banda Neira

Full live session video will be available soon at


Leanna Rachel at TP Stage

We are excited to teamed up with Rudolf Dethu Showbiz from Bali, and bring Leanna Rachel – one of talented woman from Bali, showcasing her talents at our home, Bandung.

Her Java Tour started from Jakarta – Bandung – Sukabumi – Jakarta. TP Stage was her first stage in Bandung, at The Papandayan Hotel Bandung. New comer and folk song in a jazz club, we don’t mind. That night Leanna brings the audience into the different vibes, cozy atmosphere and soft tunes of her voice. Indra Lesmana was the guest star that day, and both of them was so amazing

Full video will be available soon at our youtube channel :

Secco Songwriting – Keynote Speaker

Video of our speaker at Secco Songwriting Workshop. Their experience in getting ideas and capture them, digest and produce them until become a good song – in their way

Sigit Pramudita – Ideas and the structure of literature in music

Lecturer and journalist, both are the cause in how to delivers music in a structured lyrics for Sigit, to penetrate the message and the meaning based from daily issues

Lafa Pratomo – Music started with taste

All of us have the musical sense, we just have to let them flow and have fun with it. We never know how music can swing the mood and feelings

Ananda Badudu – Our past determines the future

Started as an self-taught guitarist in a high-school band, learn how to do open strings from Chris Carraba videos, and the simple class of jazz made him as today

Secco Songwriting Workshop
We are so proud to announce that we have the opportunity to share the experience in songwriting with Lafa Pratomo (Danilla Musik), Sigit Pramudita (Tigapagi) and Ananda Badudu (Banda Neira), with our guest host, Syarif Maulana
The event held in an intimate and warm vibes, great atmosphere, we felt good with the interaction between the keynote speakers and the participants. We are excited to make a similar workshop later more in the future, hope you guys will like it! Here’s some photos and documentation from the event, video will be uploaded soon
Secco Gathering – Taman Baca

Secco Family Gathering

Taman Baca Kesiman – Jalan Sedap Malam No. 234, Kesiman, Denpasar – Bali

Intimate and deeper workshop about acoustic guitar and the Secco Guitar strip down with the luthier, Yosefat Wenardi. The history, guitar materials, and also open mic session with Bali finest

Open mic session with : Man Angga & Guna Warma from Nosstress, Sandrayati Fay, Jun Bintang, Bayu Cuaca, Deni Ramdani, Simon Sandi

IMG_8737 IMG_2215 IMG_2199 IMG_2194 IMG_2167 IMG_2144 IMG_2130 N - Taman Baca

Full live audio will be published soon

Folk Revolutionaries Vol. 5

Folk Revolutionaries Vol.5

Rumah Sanur – Creative Hub, Jalan Danau Poso No.51A, Sanur, Semawang, Denpasar, Indonesia


FolkRevolutionariesVol05 IMG_1986

Chitchat & Stripped Down Set with Yosefat Wenardi, Guitar Luthier from Secco Guitar – Bandung

Performance by : Gede Robi, Leanna Rachel, Ian J. Stevenson, Sandrayati Fay, Made Mawut

Music gathering at Rumah Sanur Creative Hub, stripped down guitar work shop with Yosefat Wenardi and his work – Secco Guitars – 15+ years Indonesian handmade full solid timber acoustic guitar. Exhibithion and demo session of Folk Dreadnought Steel String ( FDG Standard Series ), Orchestra Model Steel String ( FDO Standard Series ), and Classical Model Nylon String ( CST Standard Series ). The event took place at 7.30pm – 11pm, a great vibe between the musicians and guitar enthusiast.


IMG_8545 IMG_2013

IMG_8584 IMG_8575

IMG_8599 IMG_8621

IMG_8628 IMG_8648


Full audio will be published soon

Secco wood types

Each woods have their own kind of character, that can produce different and charismatic certain sounds on a guitar

Here’s some of our woods that used on our guitars :

N - mahogany


Mahogany has a straight, fine, and even grain, and is relatively free of voids and pockets. Its reddish-brown color darkens over time, and displays a reddish sheen when polished. It has excellent workability, and is very durable. Historically, the tree’s girth allowed for wide boards from traditional mahogany species.

It also resists wood rot, making it attractive in boat construction. It is a tonewood, often used for musical instruments, particularly the backs, sides and necks of acoustic guitars, electric guitar bodies, and drum shells because of its ability to produce a very deep, warm tone compared to other commonly used woods such as maple or birch.

Fairly dense, medium-to-heavy wood that yields a wide range of guitar-body weights, depending upon stock sources. Used on its own, mahog-any’s characteristic tone is warm and somewhat soft, but well balanced with good grind and bite. There is usually good depth to the sound, with full but not especially tight lows, and appealing if unpronounced highs.


N - Rosewood


The timber trade will sell many timbers under the name rosewood (usually with an adjective) due to some (outward) similarities. A fair number of these timbers come from other species that is often mentioned is as Bolivian rosewood.

Another that may be found in market from Southeast Asia is New Guinea rosewood.

It is extremely dense and has mild rot resistance. But it is porous and its exterior is soft and susceptible to wood boring insects. It is used for making cabinets, flooring and carving. It is exported as quality veneers. Due to its after work quality when sealed and dyed, it is often sold as genuine rosewood or as teak. It has no discernible qualities of a genuine rosewood. It has comparable strength with teak, with lower quality

Rosewood is known for its high response rate and broad range of overtones, and is also characterized by strength and complexity in the bottom end and an overall darkness of tone in the rest of the range. Strong mids and highs also contribute a richness of tone to the upper registers.

N - Spruce


The top or soundboard of the vast majority of instruments are made from some species of spruce. These woods possess many admirable qualities: Resonance, high strength to weight ratio, easy workability, and others.

For many years the “premium” spruce was German or European spruce, which is still widely used in classical guitars. German Spruce has a rich warm sound well suited to classical guitars. However, this wood is now in short supply, and alternatives are often used.

Spruce is a standard material for tops, the most commonly used species being Sitka. Its high rigidity, combined with the lightweight characteristics of most softwoods, makes it a natural for high velocity of sound. Sitka spruce also has a powerful direct tone capable of retaining its clarity when played forcefully.


N - Rosewood indian


Another classic rosewood comes from (East) Indian rosewood or Sonokeling (Indonesia). It is native to India and is also grown in plantations elsewhere in Southeast Asia. It grows throughout the Indian peninsula scattered in the dry deciduous forests, but is nowhere common; it attains its best growth in the Bombay region. Indian Rosewood varies in color from golden brown to dark purple-brown with darker streaks giving an attractive figure and a narrowly interlocked grain.

Indian Rosewood yields a warm, “bassy” tone as described above, and is thus often the preferred wood for rhythm guitarists, especially for Bluegrass music.

Standard Series

The latest issue published by Secco Guitars are FDG (Dreadnought), FDO (Orchestra Model), and CST (Classical Model) Standard Series

Each guitar have their own charisma, persona, and even their own sound colour. Using different woods for various results, we provide the best solid wood for tops, sides and backs.

For each designs are available for Cutaway version and also with Natural Matte / Gloss color finishing

Handmade finest quality, made by our best luthier in town, to provide your passion in music, especially in accoustic guitars


FDG500 : Dreadnought, Mahogany neck, back & side, Spruce Top, Makassar Ebony fretboard and head button

Set - FDG5

FDG700 : Dreadnought, Mahogany neck, Rosewood back & side, Spruce Top, Makassar Ebony fretboard and head button

Set - FDG7

FDO500 : Orchestra Model, Mahogany neck, back & side, Spruce Top, Makassar Ebony fretboard and head button

Set - FDO5

CST500 : Classical Model, Mahogany neck, back & side, Spruce Top, Makassar Ebony fretboard and Pearloid head button

Set - CST5

CST700 : Classical Model, Mahogany neck, Rosewood back & side, Spruce Top, Makassar Ebony fretboard and Pearloid head button

Set - CST700


The Luthier

Yosefat Wenardi, guitar luthier from Bandung, the founder of Secco Guitar.

Starting the business in late 1999, and building the acoustic since then. Until now he have clients across the globe, crafting custom guitars based on the standard series,  or even making new kind of guitar – as long it still related with woods and music, he will try to make them though. The sounds are related with feelings, that’s why Mr. Wen wanted to build the instruments with heart, to deliver one feeling to another, towards music


*Photo by Ricky Hiu –


Here’s some interview he did with the local news channel on Youtube : CreaTV

Brainkenstein : Yosefat Wenardi, International Luthier From Bandung