Danilla Riyadi

Danilla Riyadi, both loud and straight forward character that expressed in soft, tender and mellow tune. One of the talented musician that become an inspiration for most people who watch her live, to feel the depth of the voice, the swing of the song and the vibrant of her lyrics. Since her first album released, Danilla and the band have traveled to most of the big cities around Indonesia. They’re now preparing for the next album with a different approach, still on progress and coming soon

Danilla performing her new song for our exclusive live session at Kopi372 Bandung, using CST.700 – Classical Model

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Lafa Pratomo

Young songwriter, music composer, and daily guitarist – Lafa Pratomo have a diverse things to offer. Working as a journalist, the person who can capture the feel, the passion, the ambience and put them as a song. Lafa as a guitarist at Danilla’s band, called Danilla Musik. Most of her songs are written by Lafa, influenced by many types of music and mix them out to be a today’s new sound.

Lafa geared up with FDG.700 for his live session at our friends space at Kopi372 Bandung, full video will be released soon on our youtube channel

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After repeatedly changing personnels, music and name since 2007, Nosstress, a folk trio’s born in 2008. Man Angga (Guitar / Vocals), Kupit (Guitar / Vocals) and Cok Bagus (Cajon / Harmonica / Pianika). From performing cover versions acoustically, Angga, Kupit and Cok began creating original works til in mid-October 2011 Nosstress officially released their first album: “Perspektif Bodoh”. The album was launched at Serambi Art Antida (now Antida Sound Garden), Denpasar.

Playing with strains of blues and folk in pop, Nosstress simplify criticism, optimism, and concern for the environment in the light stories without force-feeding the audience, indeed putting them to the narratives of daily life for all of us, sung with joy.

Three years since the first album, Nosstress has traveled to Europe for nearly a month for “From Bali to Europe” tour in June-July 2014. Nosstress presents their second album this year, “Perspectives Bodoh II “, launched in late August 2014 at Taman Baca Kesiman, Denpasar.

“Sometimes we can actually find the problem through simple look. ‘Perspektif Bodoh’ looks with simplicity, in accordance with his music, simple.” – Angga Nosstress

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Angga and Kupit using our CST.700 and FDG.700 at their live session with the song “Ini Judulnya Belakangan”

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Sandrayati Fay

Sandrayati Fay was born and raised in the heat of Southeast Asia. Although she lived in Bali and Java for most of her life, she was also able to connect to her mothers roots in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines for two years and her fathers roots in the foothills of Colorado for a year.

Passionate for the arts, she has been studying Theatre at Emerson College in Boston for the past year. Through this she has been able to delve into the various worlds that interest her and has come to believe that inspiration is the core to innovation. Breathing in the theatre world has been an inspiring experience to her and her music has been nurtured through that. Sandra grew up in a musical household and has been singing and playing guitar for about 10 years now. Today she is starting to share her orignial music into the world and is currently working with big ideas for what’s to come

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Gede Robi

Gede Robi, the frontman of Bali’s finest grunge band called “Navicula”. He deliver the fatigue of so-called ‘common people’ in Indonesia to his songs, honouring the sound of their songs, Robi also put a very catchy lyrics and rhymes in His songs. Played at various cities and nations around the globe, Robi as himself – solo artist with acoustic sessions, or with Navicula as a grunge band, brings inspirations to many people near him.

Robi’s rockin’ out our FDG.700 Standard Series with additional pickup inside the soundboard

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Nissan Fortz

Nissan Fortz are one of the talented guitarist from Bandung, Indonesia. Starting his career from early 2000, with his classical basic he expanding himself as a guitarist in jazz, classic and blues with several musicians and community around the city. In the middle of 2016, he released his solo album called “Day by Day”. Start to use Secco FDG series since 2008, Nissan has travel all around places, cities and countries to expand more of his skill and knowledge in music and guitar


A- Nissan Fortz b A - Nissan Fortz

Sigit Pramudita

Sigit Pramudita, guitarist and singer in trio called Tigapagi. His interest in Orchestra Model brings him and meet the luthier, Yosefat Wenardi to seek about the details in building a good, personal acoustic guitar. “Roekmana’s Repertoire” the new album from the trio, has been crafted in several years, and finally it was released in 2014.

A - Sigit Pramudita A - Sigit Pramudita b


Ananda Badudu

Ananda Badudu, folk-bosa-pop guitarist, sometimes share his voice in his works. Formerly have a duo called “Banda Neira” – They released a full album “Yang Patah Tumbuh, Yang Hilang Berganti” in the middle of 2016, and almost of all the songs was taken with live recording in two studios, Bali and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Interested in FDG 500 as his gear in the recording, and surprised in how the guitar can bring his best in the album


A - Ananda Badudu c A - Ananda Badudu b