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Secco guitar launched first in 1999 by a luthier from Bandung, Yosefat Wenardi. His meeting with a Bandung’s legend luthier Ki Anong, give him inspirations and new knowledge to make a creation in acoustic guitar using local wood from Indonesia. Secco Guitar made by local potter’s hands with great passion in guitar making.

The latest issue published by Secco Guitars are FDG (Dreadnought), FDO (Orchestra Model), and CST (Classical Model) Standard Series. Each guitar have their own charisma, persona, and even their own sound colour. Using different woods for various results, we provide the best solid wood for tops, sides and backs. For each designs are available for Cutaway version and also with Natural Matte / Gloss color finishing

Handmade finest quality, made by our best luthier in town, to provide your passion in music, especially in accoustic guitars

“Make something in physical form that will produce something abstract (sound) is very exciting. A guitar is not only a dead wood, guitar have a living art spirit if we made it with heart (or love).  Making a guitar is related with feeling, and that’s what makes Secco different.”  -Yosefat Wenardi-


N - FDG ROsette

N - Clasic Rosette