Each guitar have their own charisma, persona, and even their own sound colour


Lazy Hiking Club

For this event, we teamed up with Lazy Hiking Club. Share our times with awesome people at the park; find some spot, get some people to show their tunes in the beautiful landscape scenery.

Held at Taman Hutan Raya Djuanda, Bandung. With our friends : Jon Kastella, Okky Ade Chandra, Leanna Rachel, another ‘surprise’ from Ananda Badudu, Bintang, and Yuda

Tembang Vol.01 at Co-Op Unpar

Share one of the best times with friends from Sorge Records, sharing an awesome event with introspective tunes from Jon Kastella, Nil Saujana, Oscar Lolang, Teman Sebangku & Leanna Rachel Thanks to Rudolf Dethu and Sorge Records Also a special, surprise performance by Ananda Badudu from (ex) Banda Neira

Full live session video will be available soon at youtube.com/seccoguitar


Leanna Rachel at TP Stage

We are excited to teamed up with Rudolf Dethu Showbiz from Bali, and bring Leanna Rachel – one of talented woman from Bali, showcasing her talents at our home, Bandung.

Her Java Tour started from Jakarta – Bandung – Sukabumi – Jakarta. TP Stage was her first stage in Bandung, at The Papandayan Hotel Bandung. New comer and folk song in a jazz club, we don’t mind. That night Leanna brings the audience into the different vibes, cozy atmosphere and soft tunes of her voice. Indra Lesmana was the guest star that day, and both of them was so amazing

Full video will be available soon at our youtube channel : youtube.com/seccoguitar

Secco Songwriting – Keynote Speaker

Video of our speaker at Secco Songwriting Workshop. Their experience in getting ideas and capture them, digest and produce them until become a good song – in their way

Sigit Pramudita – Ideas and the structure of literature in music

Lecturer and journalist, both are the cause in how to delivers music in a structured lyrics for Sigit, to penetrate the message and the meaning based from daily issues

Lafa Pratomo – Music started with taste

All of us have the musical sense, we just have to let them flow and have fun with it. We never know how music can swing the mood and feelings

Ananda Badudu – Our past determines the future

Started as an self-taught guitarist in a high-school band, learn how to do open strings from Chris Carraba videos, and the simple class of jazz made him as today

Custom Series

We will provide the Custom Series section very soon, go to the link to contact us if you had any ideas for making custom guitar based on our Standard Series
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